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Sermon Series 2
"10th Commandment: Coveting or Contentment": Exodus 20:17
Pastor Ken Stoesz
September 3, 2023
"Convicted of Murder?" Matthew 5:21-24
Martin Chidwick, UGM
August 6, 2023
"Preeminence - The Exclusive First Place of God" Exodus 20:4
Phil Kernaghan
July 9, 2023
"Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy" Exodus 20:8
Pierre Gilbert
July 23, 2023
"The Freedom of Fidelity" Exodus 20:14
Pastor Ken Stoesz
August 13, 2023
"The Good News of Law" Exodus 20:1-2
Kevin DeYoung (via video)
July 2, 2023
"Truth, Talk and the Tongue" Exodus 20:16
Greg Wiens, Westwood Community Church
August 27, 2023
"You Shall Not Steal" Exodus 20:15
RandyMac Mittelstadt
August 20, 2023
"You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God" Exodus 20:7
Brendan Kernaghan
July 16, 2023
The Fifth Commandment: 'Honour your Father and Mother' & Day Camp Sunday
Pastor Ken Stoesz
July 30, 2023
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