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Sermon Series 2
"Challenges and Success in the Rebuilding Process: Nehemiah 6
Elton DaSilva
May 29, 2022
"Left to ourselves, life never ends well" Nehemiah 13
Pastor Conrad Dueck
June 19, 2022
"Obey God, support each other, even when it is hard" Nehemiah 3-4
Pastor Conrad Stoesz
May 15, 2022
"Rebuilding Integrity" Nehemiah 5
Pastor Ken Stoesz
May 22, 2022
"Rebuilding from God's Word" Nehemiah 7-8
Pastor Ken Stoesz
June 5, 2022
"Responding to the Covenant of Grace" Nehemiah 9-12
Pastor Ken Stoesz
June 12, 2022
"Waking from the Long Night" Nehemiah 1
Pastor Ken Stoesz
May 1, 2022
"Where is Here?" Nehemiah 2
Pastor Ken Stoesz
May 8, 2022
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