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Holy Week Resources

As promised: Resources available for Passion Week The Final Days of Jesus: Andreas Kostenburger and Justin Taylor—Final Days of Jesus: Gentle and Lowly: 14 Day Devotional lead by Dane Ortland: A 14 day audio devotional exploring the heart for sinners and sufferers. Crossway Free Digital Bible Studies including the ESV till end of May: Your Sorrow will Turn to Joy: Love to the uttermost—a walk through passion week lead by John Piper Lastly, during this time I would recommend you read…your Bible. Psalms combine prayer with scripture better than any other book. Helps express and release your emotions and anchors your trust in God…not sure I have a better resource than that right now. Some helpful Sermons: Message from Alistair Begg-Trusting God in the Dark: Psalm 13

Message from Tim Keller: Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty

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